Welcome to the Linguistic Atlas Project Data Download Center.

By clicking on the button below, you can navigate through all of the publicly available data from the Linguistic Atlas Project. You will find that our data is organized into project folders (with the / at the end), and within each project you will have access to various text and audio files for individual informants. Metadata, information about the speakers, is stored in Excel files (with .xls or .xlsx). Please, feel free to navigate through our directories to find the data you wish to access.

If you want to listen/view our files, then simply double-click on any file that has a file extension (.xls, .txt, .mp3, etc), and if you have a program on your computer that can open such a file, it will open automatically.

If you want to download any of our files to save on your own computer, then please remember to right-click the individual files. You will get a menu with an entry like "save link as" (it varies on different computers) that will let you save the file on your computer.


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