March 26, 2011: Our staff is working hard to continue making each of our projects available to you through this website. We are excited to announce that DASS has now been joined by the Linguistic Atlas of the Gulf States (LAGS). Both of these sets of data are now ready for searching through LICHEN and for download through the Data Download Center. Happy researching!

December 2011: Our new Web site with sound recordings has gone live (duh, since you are reading this!).  But that does not mean that all of the data is quite ready for prime time.  We are starting with the full range of data from the Linguistic Atlas of the Gulf States, and will be uploading more data to our data structure continuously.  All surviving audio interviews for the Atlas have been digitized, and processing is complete for  over 90% of them.  We must be sure, however, that we have all of the metadata in place before we upload sound files. We are also working hard to create online versions of the textual data associated with our site.  Welcome to the New site, and watch for more!   WAK