Originally Lee Pederson, now William A. Kretzschmar, Jr.

Status of work:
Fieldwork complete, consisting of audio tapes.  Words and phrases have been transcribed, but not full interviews. Audio digitized and available on LAP Web site.

Areas covered:
Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas.

914 speakers were recorded from 1968-1983.  The informants were carefully stratified by location, age, education, sex, and race in order to create a quota sample.

Nature of recordings:
Based on a 104 page questionnaire in the Linguistic Atlas format with revisions made by Pederson to capture specific southern speech characteristics. Interviews are variable in interviewer style and formality, with the best ones containing much conversation and narrative.

University Microfilms International (now ProQuest) published many basic materials in microform:   A Manual for Dialect Research in the Southern States (245 pages) describes the research methodology and the interviewing format used for the project; Identification tables (300-500 pages) that provide data on the people interviewed and on community networks; Idiolect Synopses (1,118 pages) summarize in phonetic transcription the unique findings of each interview and highlight the dialect variances related to specific word groups and concepts; Protocols (126,000 pages) present phonetic transcriptions of each of the 1,118 field interviews arranged on coded sheets that identify the question group; and Concordance, which converts phonetic strings into orthographic strings.  Original records are maintained in the Special Collections Department of the Emory University Library. Copies of most tapes are also maintained at the University of Georgia Library. Digitizations prepared and held at the University of Georgia.

Selected bibliography:

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